“Growing up I loved taking photos, it’s now a dream come true to do it professionally.”




I started off my photographic journey at a young age with a lovingly hand crafted Camera made by my grandfather from a mish-mash of Kodak / Minolta / Olympus and Pentax. From there is was a matter of capturing life, light, movement and atmosphere.

I’ve always wanted to pushed the limits of the “Oh, You can’t capture that” mentality, or the “you don’t have the right gear”, so delving head-first into event photography spanning nightlife, corporate, musical events as well as pushing very hard at doing low light and high colour, atmosphere and movement conditions I was able to photograph around the world – Literally. Still life cityscapes in Melbourne, Miss World Competitions in New Zealand, the hustle and bustle of Shibuya streets and the crazy Harakjuku street culture of Japan, outrageous creations and creatures at numerous Body Art Competitions, lazy English countrysides and staunch professional images for Artists and Musicians making their bid for Fame. For the last couple of years I have been contracting to various photographic companies to cover large ethnic weddings, this has been absolutely invaluable as a way to expand my knowledge of the photographic world in capturing other cultures.

I’m very creative and expressive by nature, taking on the photographic challenge of capturing the best shot for whatever assignment is on hand, whether it be Weddings, Musical Events, Landscape. No matter what the occasion, I try my best at EVERY shoot to give you what you want. And if you dont know what you want…then that just makes it more fun. I do my best when I know I can be as creative as I want, and I don’t have to worry about getting the perfect shot….it usually happens when you least expect it anyway.I love the candid true-life kind of photography, but can also get you a great traditional image if that is what your after. I also think fun and energy make a great photo, and try to bring that to my shoots. You’ll be able to tell the energy by my personality

I’m not afraid of large family groups, and I adore kids. I love a challenge! I understand that preparing for pictures and smiling for the camera is not an exact science. I also realise that kids can often decide at the last second that they will NOT smile, even though you’ve been practicing it for days and that sometimes, those nice new clothes will have gotten a little dirty.

Don’t panic though… this can all be fixed at a later stage.