When you need to convey the real feeling and emotional impact of a location, look no further for someone who loves capturing location photography. This is an entirely bespoke service, which produces, for you, attractive fine art images of the natural and built environment that can be used for promotional and decorative purposes.

 In my contemporary landscape prints, I aim for long lasting photos that will hold their charm and appeal for many years to come. I want to make sure that someone’s investment will be hanging on a wall for a long long time.

With the onset of new technology, we also have a drone that we are able to use to get images that are often not even thought about. At all times we operate as per CAA rules and regulations. We term this “Droneography”.

* The Landscape offerings are extremely personal, and due to this, we aim to provide images that will be timeless. We want people to have something that will hang on a wall in a home or office for many years.

* Whether it be your favourite beach, an image of the Golden Gate Bridge or native New Zealand bush, let us design, capture and produce some bespoke work that you will be proud to own for years to come

* Due to be a very niche offering, aerial photography or “Dronegraphy” is based on a case by case basis. Whether is be images of a home for sale, boat for sale or architectural shots for a new build showcase, we can help.

* The pricing will be entirely dependent on a number factors: these may include, total flight time, consent costs, and editing hours (